Tuesday, April 19, 2016

People Translator

Sometimes when you are having a conversation, millions of thoughts pass through your mind. This happened to me in the following story… Precisely, a conversation was happening, when I got a déjà-vu and one question appeared in my mind…”How to understand a person?”… How to understand that person based on his/her procedures, reactions, behaviours, the way they react among us and among others?…

Some minutes passed by, and all of the suddenly, the answer came itself…” We cannot understand people, we can just accept it, love it!

We spend our lives trying to unpuzzle the others’ behaviours, and reactions towards us… Trying to figure out the reason that person did “this” or “that”… One way or another, this is leads us to the break down of our nerves… In addition, our doubts, uncertainties, and fears are growing over and over… This is a clear indicator of how insecure we are… This feelings show how afraid we are of discovering a “truth” which is only created in our minds. The one that will definitely hurt our feelings… All that just for this simple fact: “It is much easier to stay negative, and kill ourselves emotionally; than stay positive and feel good…”

As if all that wouldn’t be enough, we then try to find reasons for all those reactions from the people towards us, we create thousands of different excuses with the only goal which is trying to “understand” them… All that is possible, by our creation of an exhaustive film within our minds… (something that can be extremely tinny or unimportant, we give it the power and raise it up as a terrible Giant).

(I was thinking all those ideas when a word disrupted all of them: “trust”) Then I said to myself once again: “There is no reason to try to find the reason for what “might be”… We need to accept the others just the way they are; without trying to search for reasons or excuse their reactions towards us”.

Once we really accept the person, and start trusting him/her…we can manage to “understand” him/her… However, we cannot “understand”, in order to “accept”…(this is not math)…

It would be so great and convenient just to “understand” in order to “accept”… That way, we would be sure of our answers…”If I understand you, then I accept you”… (Doesn’t that sound very selfish?…)

We could change such conditional for this simple quote: “I accept you, just the way you are…”, and if we still want to figure out a reason for such sentence, we could say: “because I trust you…”

This way, if at some point that person betrays that trust, then we had realised that perhaps, that person was not the right one…we would happily go on our ways… However, in the opposite way, we would be denying ourselves the only and unique opportunity to trust someone that might be worth it… In addition, we would be blocking our right to show our scent and honesty towards the other person…

So… Let’s trust… Heart in hand…

Roberto Bahena

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