Sunday, April 10, 2016

El Trinchador (English Version)

For all those who want to know the real meaning of this word, according to the dictionary, a “trinchador style piece of furniture”, is that one where you set all the crockery for special occasions, the glasses, dishes, cups, tablecloths, etc.

My real meaning goes beyond the meaning itself. Back in childhood, my mom used to have a piece of furniture located in the living room, the one she used to call “el trinchador”. This piece, was of course stuffed with the crockery and tablecloths for the special days. However, as time went by, this piece started to get slowly stuffed with “important stuffs”; such as those tickets that you have to keep after buying something (the ones were placed in the wine glasses), some boardgames, decorative materials, and the most important… some of our “best ID size photos”, you could see how we have changed and grown older with time… In addition, there were also some trips’ souvenirs gotten from our, any family member, or some friends’ trips. These photos and souvenirs were located in the showcase part of this “trinchador”… I must say that nowadays, my mom still has this “trinchador”, the one that she always plans to clean, and get rid of some stuffs…However, all the stuffs in there are so special, that they have remained there till the present days…

Anyways, what I want to say, is that the “trinchador” was stuffed with only special stuffs… Such is the objective of this site…To place only everything which I consider to be special to share with all of you…

May you all be welcome to this blog, my friends!

Thank you so very much for your comments!

Roberto Bahena

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