Friday, April 15, 2016

A Star is Born...

The universe consists on millions of galaxies. Inside each of those galaxies, there are tons of constellations, which at the same time are loaded with many stars… That statement makes me realise that our world is a very tiny and small universe, where galaxies (the countries), are created from many constellations (the communities), a place where all the stars live (ourselves).

Perhaps you could say that am grown enough to call myself a “new born” (although many people are born in the biologic way, but not in the real and the emotional one…). Anyways, this place, is like a baby born… One way or another one, this, my Trinchador, is another of those millions of stars which are in the internet galaxy, and part of the blogs’ world.

I dare to call this place as “star”, not because it is a place of light, but because is part of the so many lights that surround this Earthy universe. In addition, the extra-light which touches this site will be because of all of you, my readers. You who take your time to visit and subscribe to this small space. Together we will make that this little star irradiates light in a shinning brightly way.

Once again, may you all be welcome to this place, and thank you very much for letting me be part of your life through this way. 

Live…Love…and Enjoy this Party called Life…

Roberto Bahena

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